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Slugs and Snails

It would be good to avoid using chemicals to get rid of snails and slugs in our gardens but, when their population is large, there are often no other effective alternatives.

In our beloved gardens, we grow vegetables all year long with a lot of care and passion, in the hope of harvesting and eating the healthy products of our hard work.

(Photo: @Claustrophobia - Pixaby)

The traps that can help you are

Use the following recipes

SLUG AND SNAIL TRAP IN VEGETABLE GARDENS using Vaso Trap without its funnel

Partially fill Vaso Trap with beer, or in alternative one or two spoons of snail poison (dry)

Close its upper lid, leaving the funnel out

Bury the trap making sure to position its mouthpiece 2 to 3 cm above ground


Fill the Lima Trap cup with an appropriate quantity of slug pellets (approx. 8g, 2 teaspoons)

Then apply the protective cover and the dispenser is ready fot use.


Multiple Lima Trap dispensers prepared in this manner can then be positioned in the areas to be protected (vegetables patches, gardens, nurseries, greenhouses, flower pots, etc.), at the points you consider most strategic or generally suitable

Remember to regularly rotate the position of your Lima Trap dispenser so as to cover the whole area to be treated, until has been fully cleared of pests; always check that slug pellets are still active when doing so.


Warning: Always remove the dead slugs and snails that are likely to accumulate around the Lima Trap dispenser, to avoid secondary poisoning of animals which are not the target of the pesticide ❖