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No need to have an orchard to support the wasps and hornets in circulation: they make nests everywhere, in attics rather than normally on trees, or in hidden cavities, usually in quiet places, where they can cultivate the undisturbed colony.
The concept does not change: it is now that the biotraps have to be prepared because it is very important to eliminate the queens and avoid the population.

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Vespa velutina
Vespa crabro

Use the following recipes

Slug and snail traps in vegetable gardens using Vaso Trap

Partially fill Vaso Trap® with beer, or in alternative one or two spoons of snail poison (dry),
and close its upper lid, leaving the funnel out.
Then bury the trap making sure to position its mouthpiece 2 to 3 cm above ground.


Fill the Lima Trap® cup with an appropriate quantity of slug pellets (approx. 8g, 2 teaspoons).
Then apply the protective cover and the dispenser is ready fot use. Multiple Lima Trap® dispensers prepared in this manner can then be positioned in the areas to be protected (vegetables patches, gardens, nurseries, greenhouses, flower pots, etc.),
at the points you consider most strategic or generally suitable.
Remember to regularly rotate the position of your Lima Trap® dispenser so as to cover the whole area to be treated, until has been fully cleared of pests; always check that slug pellets are still active when doing so. Warning: large quantities of dead slugs and snails are likely to accumulate around the Lima Trap® dispenser.
These should be regularly removed to avoid secondary poinoning of animals which are not the target of the pesticide.


After placing two 1.5V AA batteries (not included) in its battery compartment, insert the luminaire into its bracket inside one of the semispheres, then assemble the sphere.

Before applying the glue, wrap the sphere with a transparent plastic film (such as cling film, or two clear shower cups); then apply a suitable glue.

Suitable glues range from sprayable to brushable, specific for insects and tube glue (such as mouse glue), all of which are available in garden centres and specialised stores.

In the event of loss of adhesion, the glue can be reapplied several times.

In addition to using only glue, or glue and attractants on it, Sfera Trap™ can also support insecticides and pheromones.

Practical advice: Use disposable gloves in the preparation of the sphere and the various products used. To avoid damage from possible spillage of glue, place a protective sheet underneath the sphere, such as cardboard or paper. In the eventuality of glue spillages these can be removed using white spirit or turpentine.


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