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Sfera Trap™ is an ingenious device for attracting and killing various kind of flying pests: midges, mosquitos, common flies, fruit flies, olive flies, wasps, hornets, Vespa velutina (Asian hornet) lepidoptera, etc.

NB: do not use on flowering plants.


VASO TRAP®: selective trap for monitoring and massive trapping
TAP TRAP®: trap for massive capture

Suggested bait by the Edmund Mach Foundation in San Michele all’Adige (TN):
Mix into traps apple cider vinegar (3/4), red wine (1/4) with a tablespoon of brown sugar. Replace the bait inside the container every 15 days.

Vaso Trap® is a newly marketed trap for catching harmful insects, also designed with in mind the need and benefit of recycling common containers.

Vaso Trap® can be screwed onto recycled 1 kg glass honey jars.
Vaso Trap® is made of tough plastic material and consists in two parts: a funnel, to be positioned on the top of the jar (so as to prevent captured insects to fly out) and a lid which screws onto the jar, so as to protect the bait from rain, and has 6 regular gaps (so as to let the insects in).

Tap-Trap® “the tap-trap” has been used successfully for many years, both nationally and internationally, in controlling flying pests in orchards, vineyards and all kind of farming.

Tap-Trap® is made of tough, durable plastic material. Hooked onto a recycled plastic water bottle (filled with half a liter of bait mixture) and hung on branches of the plants to be defended, Tap-Trap® becomes an economical, effective and environmentally friendly bio trap.

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It is very important to prevent biological intervention from protecting fruit plants from pests, avoiding the use of pesticides.
Different types of insects lay their eggs on the fruit: the larvae feed on their interior and cause serious damage to the crop.
Fruit insects can cause damage to our fruits, but we often make mistakes by using a defense remedy that does more harm than cure.