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The most feared predators for bees are wasps and hornets and the dreaded Vespa velutina.
To capture these voracious killers, a preventive fight is necessary from the spring, with the use of Tap Trap and a sweet or sour-sweet bait, as recommended by our recipes. Indeed, it is at this time of the year that the founding queens of these species come out of winter and fly in search of places favorable for nesting and the discovery of new colonies.


We must not wait for the fruits on the trees to ripen before using bio traps if we are to prevent infestations from wasps and hornets in orchards. Rather, they must be placed in early spring so that they can effectively contribute to a reduction in the rate of reproduction of these flying pests.


With the use of our bio traps Tap Trap and Vaso Trap it is possible to effectively control flying pests without resorting to - or at least reducing - the use of pesticides that are harmful to the environment as well us to our health.



Vaso Trap is a natural and effective method for trapping common flies, fruit flies, and many other types of flying pests. It allows us to recycle 1 kg honey glass jars as containers for food baits that are easily home-made.


The most feared predators for bees are wasps and hornets and, in some parts of Italy, the dreaded Vespa velutina.

Asian hornet queens hibernate in early winter, many of which are already fertile, sheltering in protected cavities, such as heaps of wood, more easily in putrid or wet areas, and precisely in spring they come out of winter.

Roam voracious: they need sweet substances (they look for pollen, flowers ...) to feed properly after months of rest and recover their strength to start looking for places favorable to the construction of the nest for the future colonies.

We tend to use wasp traps only when the ripe fruit is on the trees: it is not enough.
In fact, vespas and hornets are greedy for figs, apples, pears and other sugars that our orchard offers, but what we do not know is that the use of wasps traps is only possible when the fruit is ripe.

It is certainly useful to catch hornets who eat the fruits of our work, but for them the fruit is just as greedy as the bait of our trap and we risk reaping just as ruined fruits, despite the traps full of insects.

(Foto: JKohler @ Flickr)

Sfera Trap™ is an ingenious device for attracting and killing various kind of flying pests: midges, mosquitos, common flies, fruit flies, olive flies, wasps, hornets, Vespa velutina (Asian hornet) lepidoptera, etc.

NB: do not use on flowering plants.

Vaso Trap® is a newly marketed trap for catching harmful insects, also designed with in mind the need and benefit of recycling common containers.

Vaso Trap® can be screwed onto recycled 1 kg glass honey jars.
Vaso Trap® is made of tough plastic material and consists in two parts: a funnel, to be positioned on the top of the jar (so as to prevent captured insects to fly out) and a lid which screws onto the jar, so as to protect the bait from rain, and has 6 regular gaps (so as to let the insects in).

Tap-Trap® “the tap-trap” has been used successfully for many years, both nationally and internationally, in controlling flying pests in orchards, vineyards and all kind of farming.

Tap-Trap® is made of tough, durable plastic material. Hooked onto a recycled plastic water bottle (filled with half a liter of bait mixture) and hung on branches of the plants to be defended, Tap-Trap® becomes an economical, effective and environmentally friendly bio trap.

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