Snail Bait and Beer Traps

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Slug traps are not the only traps we need to put in place when growing our vegetable gardens: in different seasons pests other than slugs can also spoil our work. Acting in time, without waiting for the first sign of damage to our vegetables, can be of great help, and prevention helps us to avoid the use of pesticides, or at least to drastically reduce it. In the case of slugs and snails, we can use natural and biological methods, but we can also use slug poison, as long as we do that sparingly, cleverly and with caution. Caution is indeed essential when, in rainy days, we need to tackle or stop snail invasions without contaminating cultivated land. Our slug traps allows for selective captures of slugs and snails; they are recyclable and particularly long lasting, hence they can be reused countless times and regardless of the weather: one of their advantages is that the rain does not reduce their effectiveness (this is an important characteristic because it is precisely the persistent humidity after the rain that encourages snails to emerge.) On the other hand, in the case of flying insects it is important to place traps at the beginning of the season: this allows us to capture the first flying pests in circulation – including the founding queens of new generations – and in this way to curtail the rate of their reproduction.
  • VASO TRAP: the ecological trap for flying insects, it can also be used as a snail trap when filled with beer.
  • LIMA TRAP: the year-round selective and effective slug and snail trap.


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