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Even in our garden, there are pests and snails that spoil our work: for fighting pests, it is very useful to protect ourselves from the threat to better treat our work without pesticides or to minimize it.
In the case of snails, however, we can help with natural methods, but also with intelligence and security in using slug pellets, perhaps biological, by managing them so as not to contaminate the cultivated lands.

Tap-Trap® “the tap-trap” has been used successfully for many years, both nationally and internationally, in controlling flying pests in orchards, vineyards and all kind of farming.

Tap-Trap® is made of tough, durable plastic material. Hooked onto a recycled plastic water bottle (filled with half a liter of bait mixture) and hung on branches of the plants to be defended, Tap-Trap® becomes an economical, effective and environmentally friendly bio trap.

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