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  This page provides details of the technologies that enable this Website to achieve the purposes described below. These technologies allow the controller to capture and store information (e.g. through the use of Cookies) or use resources (e.g. by running a script) on your device during your interaction with this Website. For the sake of simplicity, these technologies are briefly referred to as “Tracking Tools” in this documentation, unless there is reason to differentiate between them. For example, although Cookies can be used on both web browsers and mobile devices, it does not make sense to talk about Cookies in the context of mobile applications, as they are Tracking Tools that require the presence of a browser. Therefore, in this document, the term Cookies is only used to specifically refer to that particular type of Tracking Tool. Certain purposes for which Tracking Tools are used may require the User’s consent. If consent is given, it can be freely revoked at any time by following the instructions contained in this document. This Website uses Tracking Tools operated directly by the controller (commonly called “first party” Tracking Tools) and Tracking Tools that enable services provided by third parties (commonly called “third party” Tracking Tools). Unless otherwise specified in this document, such third parties have access to their respective Tracking Tools. The duration and expiry of Cookies and other similar Tracking Tools may vary depending on the settings of the data controller or each third party provider. Some of them expire at the end of the User’s browsing session. In addition to what is specified in the description of each of the categories below, Users can obtain more detailed and updated information on the duration, as well as any other relevant information, such as the presence of other Tracking Tools, in the privacy policies of the respective third party providers (through the links provided) or by contacting the data controller.

What are cookies

Cookies are tracking tools consisting of small pieces of data stored within the User’s browser.

Why we use cookies

Cookies allow the website to ‘remember’ users for the duration of the visit (session cookies) or for multiple visits (permanent cookies). Cookies can perform different functions. Some are essential and allow you to navigate efficiently, to set and store preferences and more generally to improve and optimise your navigation on a website.

Cookies used on this site Technical cookies

Technical navigation or session cookies are used to ensure the smooth navigation and use of the website, to facilitate purchases and authentication for access to restricted areas of the site, and to monitor its proper functioning. Functionality cookies allow the user to navigate according to a number of selected criteria, such as language or products chosen for purchase, in order to improve the service offered. For the installation of these cookies, the users’ prior consent is not required, but the obligation to provide information pursuant to Article 13 of the Code remains. The site operator, in the event that it uses such devices exclusively, may provide the information in the manner it deems most appropriate.

Third-party cookies

This type of cookie is used to collect data about how visitors use the website, including the search terms used to access the site, the websites visited and the sources of traffic that visitors generate for marketing campaigns. The manager may use this information to compile reports and optimise the site. These cookies collect data anonymously and can be sent either from the site itself or from third-party domains.

Third-party tracking tools and other activities involving their use

These types of cookies are used to integrate functionality provided by third parties into the site (such as embedding videos, maps or social network icons that allow visitors to share site content). These cookies may be sent from the domains of partner sites or those that offer these functionalities on the site. With regard to third-party cookies, the User may give consent in accordance with the legislation in force, by means of specific configurations of the browser or computer programmes or devices to prevent the installation of third-party cookies. The User may consult the third party disclosures through the links provided below. The controller reminds the User that it is possible to change cookie preferences at any time and disable them from the browser. However, it should be noted that this operation may limit the use of certain parts of the site.

Tracking tools used Social Network

This service allows direct interactions with social networks or other external platforms directly from the pages of this Website. Interactions and information obtained through this Website are always subject to the User’s privacy settings for each social network. Nevertheless, this service may collect traffic data for the pages where it is installed, even when Users do not use it. We recommend that you disconnect from the corresponding services to ensure that the data processed on this Website is not associated with your profile. These services also have their own privacy policy which may differ from that adopted by the Owner of this Site. The Owner is not liable for third-party Sites. Piattaforme Meta: Ireland – Privacy Policy

Managing user databases, contacts and sending messages

Through these services, the controller may create user profiles using information provided by the User, such as email address or name, as well as monitor the User’s activities through statistical features. This personal data may be cross-referenced with publicly available information about the User, such as social network profiles, to create private profiles that the data controller may consult and use to improve the Website. Some of these services may also allow for the scheduled sending of messages to the User, such as emails based on specific actions taken on this Web Site. Brevo Marketing Automation (ex Sendinblue SAS): France – Privacy Policy

Cookie collection consent management

Cookiebot – platform for consent management (Usercentrics A.S. – Denmark Privacy Policy


Google Analytics Google Analytics is a web analytics service offered by Google LLC or Google Ireland Limited, depending on the way in which the Data Controller manages the processing of the Data. Google uses the Personal Data collected to monitor and analyse the use of this Website, prepare reports and share them with other services developed by Google. Moreover, Google may use the Personal Data to contextualise and personalise the ads on its advertising network. United StatesPrivacy Policy


Users can manage their preferences for Tracking Tools directly through their device settings – for example, they can prevent the use or storage of Tracking Tools. With respect to Third Party Tracking Tools, Users have the ability to manage their preferences by visiting the related opt-out link (if available), by using the tools provided in the third party’s privacy policy or by contacting the third party directly.

Titolare del trattamento dei dati

DITTA CARELLO ROBERTO DI BELLINI VANDA Via Caduti per la Libertà, 39 10044 PIANEZZA TO Email: Since the owner of this Website does not have total control over the use of Third Party Tracking Tools, any specific mention of these tools is only a general indication. For detailed information, Users are advised to consult the privacy policy of the third-party services listed in this document. Since it can be complicated to fully understand these tracking technologies, if Users wish to learn more about the use of these technologies on this Website, they are encouraged to contact the owner directly. This page is visible by means of a link at the bottom of all the pages of the Website in accordance with Article 122 second paragraph of Legislative Decree 196/2003 and following the simplified procedures for information and acquisition of consent for the use of cookies published in the Official Gazette no. 126 of 3 June 2014 and its register of provisions no. 229 of 8 May 2014. The user is required to consult our privacy policy for more information on data processing. Last modified 30.11.2023
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