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Eco-friendly traps for flying pests and snails

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Ideal aid in flying pests control, indispensable tool in organic farming

Our bio trap have been designed for pest control in agriculture, farming, beekeeping, orchards, vegetable gardens and green areas in general. They provide an effective natural defence against flying insects and an eco-friendly solution to infestations of snails and slugs, both in professional and private farming and agriculture. Thanks to their continuous mass trapping, they encourage a significant reduction in the use of pesticides. Simple and eco-friendly: fast to put together, they make use of recyclable everyday containers, such as plastic water bottles and glass honey jars. Inexpensive, re-usable and long lasting: they are made of very tough plastic material. Natural: the baits for our flying pest traps are made with common and easily available food, which vary according to the insects to be trapped, and do not harm the populations of pollinating insects, such as bees and bumblebees. All our products are made and certified Made in Italy
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For each trap, we suggest suitable DIY recipes, tested by years of experience and in many trials by experts.

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Tap-Trap “the top-trap” has been used successfully for many years, both nationally and internationally, for controlling flying pests in orchards, vineyards and all kind of farming.
Vaso Trap is a newly marketed trap for catching harmful insects, also designed with in mind the need and benefit of recycling common containers.
Lima Trap is a simple and effective dispenser for controlling slugs and snails. Indispensable for vegetable patches, gardens, nurseries, greenhouses, flower pots, etc.
Red Tap Trap is a variant of the original yellow Tap Trap, it is specifically designed for the mass capture of Drosophila Suzukii, the small fruit fly, scourge of blackberries, raspberries, plums and cherries. It can also trap other types of flying pests.
With the aim of enhancing and adding to the organic farming technique of mass capture of various types of flying insects, our firm has created a variant of our bio traps yellow Tap Trap® and yellow Vaso Trap.
Sfera Tra is an ingenious device for attracting and killing various kind of flying pests: midges, mosquitos, common flies, fruit flies, olive flies, wasps, hornets, Vespa velutina (Asian hornet) lepidoptera, etc. NB: do not use on flowering plants.
Are you interested and would like further information? Go to our tests and studies section for in-depth studies published by prestigious Italian research institutes that have used our traps.
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