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Sfera Trap

Sfera Trap

Sfera Trap™ is an ingenious device for attracting and killing various kind of flying pests: midges, mosquitos, common flies, fruit flies, olive flies, wasps, hornets, Vespa velutina (Asian hornet) lepidoptera, etc.

NB: do not use on flowering plants.

Sfera Trap™ can be used in all environments, both inside and outside. Beside its yellow color - which attracts flying pests during the day - it possesses a feature that makes it unique of its kind: a LED light that attracts flying pests at night. The LED luminaire is powered by two AA batteries (not provided) which have a life of about one month.

Indoor, Sfera Trap™ prevents flying pest infestations in barns, stables, milking rooms, greenhouses, grain and food warehouses, etc... Outdoor, Sfera Trap™ is very effective in catching flying pests in orchard, olive groves, vineyard, gardens, campsites, country houses, etc.

Sfera Trap™ consists of two hemispheres, one of which with the latching ring. Both hemispheres are fitted with a luminaire seat, to allow for the choice of the position of the light - from above or below.