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Vaso Trap Rosso

Red Vaso Trap

With the aim of enhancing and adding to the organic farming technique of mass capture of various types of flying insects, our firm has created a variant of our bio traps yellow Tap Trap® and yellow Vaso Trap®. These new alternative traps work best for the selective mass trapping of Drosophila Suzukii (commonly called small fruit fly).

Made with the same tough plastic material as our original bio traps, and therefore resistant over time and versatile in their use, red Tap Trap® and red Vaso Trap® have given excellent results in all field trials of selective mass capture, thus successfully confirming their effectiveness. This is due to both the strong visual appeal given by the red color - which provide the first attractant to the fly Drosophila - and the suitability of the food bait.

Suitable for monitoring, and designed for selective trapping, red Vaso Trap is equipped with a modified funnel that lets only the selected fly Drosophila Suzukii in, while hindering the entrance of other insects interested in the same bait.