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Vaso Trap is a natural and effective method for trapping common flies, fruit flies, and many other types of flying pests. It allows us to recycle 1 kg honey glass jars as containers for food baits that are easily home-made.


Among the various problems that olive cultivation may pose, the infestation of olive oil is the most serious and the most feared since it affects both the quality and quantity of production. In fact, Bactrocea oleae is one of the most infesting pests that severely damages olive production, compromising harvest and, consequently, oil production.

Very widespread throughout the Mediterranean, even ornamental olive trees are the target of infestation, whether they are located in gardens or in urban gardens.


Drosophila Suzukii is the scourge of small fruits that arrived on our territory, initially infested primarily blueberries, raspberries and strawberries.
This fly has become a real emergency: it seems that to date no effective molecule has been found to fight it, and many studies and experiments are still in progress.

The Mediterranean fruit fly is a phyllophagous insect of the order Diptera Brachiceri. Its larva develops as a carpophore and polyphosphages inside the pulp of many fruits.

In the Mediterranean zone, it is one of the most important pests of summer fruits from an economic point of view Its high reproduction rate and the current laws on the use of certain pesticides make it necessary to adopt an eco-compatible and effective defense strategy.

In the orchard, it is necessary a natural defense against harmful flying insects in agronomy and civil, through a continuous mass capture, to significantly reduce the need for chemical pesticides.

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It is very important to prevent biological intervention from protecting fruit plants from pests, avoiding the use of pesticides.
Different types of insects lay their eggs on the fruit: the larvae feed on their interior and cause serious damage to the crop.
Fruit insects can cause damage to our fruits, but we often make mistakes by using a defense remedy that does more harm than cure.