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Fruit trees

In the orchard, insect traps are an indispensable tool to fight the lurking fruit trees flying pests. Moth, hornets, fruit flies: depending on the type of plant, a different pest can attack it and ruin the crop.

Industrial chemicals on the market seem to be a convenient and quick solution because they give the illusion of quickly defeating the problem, but it is not so because, although effective, these products contain different types of pollutants, pesticides and chemicals that not only are dangerous to the environment, but they end up inevitably in the vegetables we grow, in the fruits we collect and put on the table (and assimilated by our organism).

The eco-friendly traps for insects, with food bait and without chemicals, are the ideal solution because they ensure a continuous mass trapping: put in place since the beginning of the season, they can be used all year round, even when, at the end of the period, only the last insects remain in circulation. But the most important thing is that they are adaptable to the seasonality of the plant and of the insect that damages it, which guarantees a targeted fight and a greater effectiveness of the method.


🔅 They are used with a DIY bait
🔅 They prevent the rain from diluting the content, which would decrease the effectiveness of the bait
🔅 They are suitable for all types of fruit to be protected.
🔅 The bait is prepared according to the insect to be trapped
🔅 They can be used all year round, depending on the seasonality of the insect's presence
🔅 They do not pollute
🔅 They are recyclable 
🔅 They are reusable
🔅 they avoid the use of pesticides

Click on the trap to see how and when to use it, or choose below the type of fruit plant you need to protect to find out which ecological insect trap is most suitable.

If you already know the type of insect that is damaging your fruit, scroll down the page and click on the pest's name: follow the tips for the traps to use and baits to prepare.