In the orchard, insect traps are indispensable tools in the fight against lurking flying pests. Moth, hornets, fruit flies: different flying pests can attack different types of fruit plants and inevitably spoil our crops. Industrial chemicals which are available on the market seem to offer convenient and quick solutions, but this is just an illusion. In fact, while these products seem at first to resolve the problem of pest control quickly, they contain various kinds of pesticide and other polluting chemicals that not only are dangerous to our environment, but also inevitably end up inside the vegetables and fruits we grow, pick up and put on the table (and which are assimilated by our bodies). The eco-friendly traps for insects, which use natural food baits rather than industrial chemicals, are the ideal solution. They ensure continuous mass trappings: placed at the beginning of the season they can be used all year round, even when, at the end of the season, only few insects remain in circulation. Most importantly, these traps can be adapted for the defence of most seasonal plants and to the capture of any type of insect that attacks them; they are thus suitable for specific targets and can be employed most effectively.


  • They are used with a home-made bait
  • They prevent the rain from diluting the content, which would decrease the effectiveness of the bait
  • They are suitable for the defece of all types of fruits
  • The bait tailored to attract the particular insects to be trapped
  • They can be used in all seasons and all year around, depending on the presence of the insdect to be caught
  • They do not pollute
  • They are recyclable
  • They are re-usable
  • they make the use of pesticides unnecessary
Click on the trap to see how it works and when to place it, or choose below the types of fruit plants you need to protect, so as to find out which eco-friendly insect trap is most suitable. If you already know the type of insect that is damaging your fruits, scroll down this page and click on it, then follow our advice on how to use the traps and prepare the baits.


(If you want to learn more about the importance of natural defence, you can find some articles here)

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