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Tap Trap Rosso

Red Tap Trap

Red Tap Trap® is a variant of the original yellow Tap Trap, it is specifically designed for the mass capture of Drosophila Suzukii, the small fruit fly, scourge of blackberries, raspberries, plums and cherries. It can also trap other types of flying pests.

The use of red Tap Trap® allows for a significant reduction in the use of chemical products, and supports the organic farming technique used for the mass capture of various species of flying pests. It is made of the same plastic material as the original bio traps: durable and versatile in its use.

The excellent results obtained in all the mass trapping field trials confirm the effectiveness of the red colour, as a strong first visual attractant for the midge Drosophila Suzukii. The food baits were also tested with excellent results.

Red Tap Trap® has an added bonus: the bait that attracts Drosophila Suzukii (see recipe below) is also very effective at attracting for wasps and hornets: it is possible therefore possible to set a dual trapping targets using a single trap.

🔆 Tip: to monitor the presence and capture only of Drosophila Suzukii is recommended the use of the highly selective red Vaso Trap®.