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Wasps and Hornets

How can we eliminate hornets and avoid the trouble of finding them in the garden, in the orchard or under the patio of the house?

They nest everywhere: in attics rather than normally on trees, or in hidden cavities, usually in quiet places, where the colony can grow undisturbed.

To eliminate wasps and hornets it is necessary to place the bio traps since spring, in order to capture the first founding queens in circulation and prevent the birth of new colonies. Only in this way will there be fewer exemplars in circulation when we have the ripe fruit on the trees.


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There are three types of wasp and hornet traps we recommend: Tap Trap and Vaso Trap recycle everyday containers, such as plastic water bottles and honey jars, as containers for a DIY food bait that is very attractive for hornets and wasps. Sfera Trap, on the other hand, is a very versatile glue trap in its use: in fact, it can be used as a protein trap for wasps and hornets directly in apiary, or it can be used as a trap for flying pests: it can catch mosquitoes, flies and horseflies if hung in vegetable gardens, porches or orchards. 


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