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Vaso Trap is a natural and effective method for trapping common flies, fruit flies, and many other types of flying pests. It allows us to recycle 1 kg honey glass jars as containers for food baits that are easily home-made.


Vaso Trap is an alternative to the well known Tap Trap, the eco-friendly trap that enables us to control flying pests in orchards, vineyards, olive groves, hives and green spaces in general, without resorting to - or at least reducing - the use of pesticides that are harmful to the environment as well us to our health.

Vaso Trap is a very versatile trap. Initially, it was mainly designed in order to help beekeepers to protect bees in their hives from the assault of wasps and hornets. The need for recycling common containers was also an important factor in its design. Today Vaso Trap is also successfully used for the capture of olive flies, fruit flies (Drosophila Suzukii) and various type of Lepidoptera and parasites proliferating in Orchards.


vaso trap for orchards

Vaso Trap® to defend fruit plants: the bait is prepared at home with cheap and easily available food


Unlike pesticides and other harmful chemical products, the use of natural food baits do not endanger the pollinating insects: bees and bumblebees are not interested at all in the food of our home-made baits, and thousands of beekeepers - our loyal clients located both in Italy and in other countries - can confirm that.




Vaso Trap is made of very tough plastic: its yellow color is a powerful visual attractant for flying pests such as wasps and hornets, fruit flies, common flies, and many more.

It consists of two parts:

  • a funnel to be positioned on the top of the jar;
  • a lid with 6 regulars gaps that screws onto the jar. The funnel prevents trapped insects from flying out and the lid protects the bait from rain while its gaps let the flying pests in.



Vaso Trap® fits common 1 kg honey jars (but not the Bormioli kind) - the funnel stops the trapped insects from flying out.


How to prepare the home made bait for the flying pests

The bait for flies is made with common and cheap natural food substances which varies according to the types of flies to be captured.

Similar to the baits that attract flies, all the baits recommended for the other kind of insects have been experimented and successfully used for years; all of them can conveniently be prepared at home with cheap and easily available food which vary according to the type of flying pests to be trapped.

All the baits need to be replaced every 20 to 25 days, or earlier in the case of large mass trappings; in this way the trap will continuously attracts the flying pests.


Where to position the traps

Vaso Trap can be hung on the branches of the trees that need protection; it must be facing the sun and be at 1,5 - 2 meters height from the ground. Alternatively, it can also be placed on the ground (see the video with subtitles) as the base of the honey jar is very stable. This trap is therefore suitable for those who have balconies, flower beds, hedges, verandas, and potted plants and flowers.


vaso trap in garden

Depending on the needs, Vaso Trap® can be hung on a plant or placed in the green


Why it works

  • The effectiveness of Vaso Trap is also due to its yellow colour, very attractive to all kinds of insects, and in particular to hornets and wasps which are able to see the color yellow from far away and so mistake the trap to be a fruit. This happens all the time, including at the very beginning of spring, when the plants do not have leaves.
  • From early spring, it is very important to place Vaso Trap to prevent the propagation of wasps and hornet populations: an early trapping of the queens of these flying pests will stop their reproduction, thus drastically limiting the number of individuals which will be around to form the next generation.
  • The 6 access holes in the trap also allow for the diffusion of the bait scent in an effective and concentrated way, thus rendering it more appetising to flying pests that once inside the jar are inexorably trapped.
  • Flies, hornets and other harmful pests are drawn inside the trap while in search for the fruits that they associate with the sugary scent of the bait. Once inside the jar they inevitably wet their wings in the bait (see recipes for suitable baits) and the funnel prevents them from flying out.
  • The lid of the bio trap shelters the bait from bad weather, preventing its dilution in case of rain, and in this way protects its effectiveness.


type of vaso trap

On the right, the new model of Vaso Trap®: made of a more intense yellow, more attractive and lighter


A versatile eco-friendly trap that can also be used to trap slugs and snails in gardens

Gardening and horticulture lovers are fully aware of the problem caused by slugs and snails when these pests damage plants, flowers and vegetables. 

Vaso Trap is also very effective against these pests.

To turn Vaso Trap into a slug and snail trap it is sufficient to do the following: fill the jar of the trap with half a can of beer (a cheap quality beer is good enough), then screw only the yellow lid on the top of the jar (leave the funnel out) and finally bury the trap in the garden - taking care to leave its lid well out.

trap for slugs and snails vaso trap

Vaso Trap® is also a natural remedy against snails in gardens






350 ml of beer + 2 tablespoons of sugar or honey

Alternatively: 200 ml of water + 2 tablespoons of sugar or honey + a glass of vinegar



350 ml of water + 20-30 grams of raw fish scraps (sardines, anchovies, or similar)


FRUIT FLY AND MEDITERRANEAN FLY (cherry, citrus, walnut, olive, etc.)

Pour into the jar 350 ml of liquid ammonia (the one used for cleaning, with no added scent) and add some scraps of raw fish (like sardines) as proteinaceous bait


TRAPS FOR SLUGS AND SNAILS - Vaso Trap without its funnel

Partially fill Vaso Trap with beer or one or two spoons of snail poison (dry)

Close its upper lid leaving the funnel out and bury the trap making sure to position its mouthpiece 2-3 cm above ground


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